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Simulators & skills go back a long way

‘Simulator (noun): any device or system that reproduces the conditions of a situation for the purposes of research or training’ (Collins, 2005) Years ago I lived in Hong Kong and would take off and land at the legendary Kai Tak … Continue reading

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Why buy equipment and ignore the skills?

I have given talks on skills all over the world and I use a particular slide frequently. On the left, there is a photo of an 11 year old and on the right a Stradivarius violin worth over $5 million. … Continue reading

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Aakash for access to skills

Aakash is a hindi word meaning “sky or “ether”. It is a word that will become better known. Now, it is the brand name for an Android-based tablet computer produced by the British company Datawind and manufactured by the India … Continue reading

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An interview with Dr Nahro Zagros about Skills needs in Kurdistan

Dr Nahro Zagros is from Kurdistan; he was born in the Kurdish Region in Northern Iraq. He left there in the troubles with Saddam and settled in Hull, UK in 2000 – a place that he calls a home from … Continue reading

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An interview with Huw Morris Jones on recruitment challenges

Huw Morris Jones is a Hull based businessman with a keen interest in careers development and skills. Founder of Quality Personnel over ten years ago, his company has supplied personnel to the core industries around the Humber and beyond. From … Continue reading

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The ILO Global Employment Trends (GET), 2012 paints a challenging picture

If 2011 was tough then, all commentators see 2012 as potentially worse. Mature markets are stagnating and are looking to little or no growth over the next few years; the Euro crisis does not help. Then, there are relatively fast … Continue reading

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Books on Skills: The Principles of Scientific Management, F W Taylor (1911)

If it was Adam Smith’s pin factory in the Wealth of Nations (1776) that first highlighted skills specialisation it was F W Taylor who built this into a science with this book written in 1911. It started in Bethlehem; at … Continue reading

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Skills transform the TRIPLE bottom line

The great Brasilian photographer, Sebastiao Salgado, compiled a book of photographs featuring workers all over the world – Trabajadores. Vivid images of thousands of unskilled workers clambering up the side of an open mine, others tethering flimsy bamboo scaffolding to the sides … Continue reading

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Skills capacity to make things happen

On December 31st 1899 a millenarian cult set fire to their homes and possessions because their leaders were sure that the end of the world was on its way. Assured of certain certainties, they waited for apocalyptic collapse singing hymns as … Continue reading

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The Leitch Review of Skills. Final Report, 2006

The final report of the Leitch Review of Skills, Prosperity for all in the global economy – world class skills, was published on 5th December 2006. The Review sets out a compelling vision for the UK. It shows that the … Continue reading

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