Brown Paper Process MapI came across this article today, and being considered by some to be an expert on IT, it registered with me. I often get asked what app someone should use, but have also learned to be careful, because what works for me doesn’t always work for others. The question of whether it works as part of the process it is in, is also very appropriate. The promotion of process mapping as part of the solution interested me, as Archomai are also advocates of the use of process maps.

So how does this relate to skills? In a similar way to apps, process maps are useful when you are looking for the people and skills that you need. If you have a problem and the answer appears to be to recruit someone, it is worthwhile stepping back and reviewing the process map for the area in question – or creating one if there is not one.

Why? Because over time processes change, sometimes obviously and sometimes not so obviously. This could be because the skills that were initially available are no longer available, and the process has been adapted. It could be that technology has been introduced but the process has not been re-assessed to see whether it is still efficient.

Whilst skills gap analysis is something that many people and businesses do, the process map should be a pre-cursor, so that what needs to be done has been reviewed, and possibly changed, in order to define the actual skills needed.


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