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Skills and Energy Security – a Norwegian perspective

Offshore Oil, gas and soon wind is booming as energy along with food security become ever more significant across the globe. Easy oil is shifting to prospecting and drilling in tough environments as higher oil prices make inaccessible fields viable … Continue reading

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Why Simulators?

Archomai believe that simulators are an underused training tool, frequently viewed as an unnecessary cost or just a video game. In some cases and installations, these critics may have a point as we have seen vanity installations where the simulators … Continue reading

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Cold calling

I don’t know whether it is just me, but in the past couple of weeks I have been receiving cold calls from various (mostly) leisure companies. The one thing that has “impressed” me about the calls is the rudeness and … Continue reading

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New generation Hull and skills

Hull, UK, hosted a Green Vision Summit on Monday where businesses and interest groups across the spectrum were invited to contribute to thinking on how the City could enhance its green credentials. Hull CC’s environment portfolio holder Martin Mancey wants … Continue reading

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Light manufacturing skills in developing markets

Skills has to be seen as key in any focus on sustainable growth and, as with the example from Sri Lanka and the German led vocational skills centre Tanzania is exploring the same agenda. The World Bank has just produced a … Continue reading

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A German Vocational Skills Centre in … Sri Lanka

This Blog has mentioned the German vocational skills model several times. It is well rooted in the High School structure and, places a heavy emphasis – unlike the UK – on links to industrial sectors. I travel in the Indian … Continue reading

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Regeneration is about skills not just buildings

This evening, Paul Swinney, an economist at the Centre for Cities was interviewed on the BBC local news and assessed the impact of Regeneration Projects in places like Hull over the past few years. Swinney highlighted successes such as the … Continue reading

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Skills and the types of firms in the marketplace

Over the weekend several papers carried the launch of the Ownership Commission Report (March 2012); a useful analysis which calls into question the UK obsession with the PLC as the default ownership formula for business. There are several points raised … Continue reading

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The national skills agenda

The link between a skilled workforce and sustainable economic growth is evident across the world. Now, the need is not just for vocational courses as well as pure academic qualifications. We need a seismic shift that offers life-long learning opportunities … Continue reading

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Skills in India and the relevance elsewhere

In the next five years, India needs 70 million more vocationally skilled people to join the workforce. This means an increase of vocationally skilled workers from 12 to 25 per cent by the end of the 12th Government Plan. The … Continue reading

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