An interview with Huw Morris Jones on recruitment challenges

Huw Morris Jones is a Hull based businessman with a keen interest in careers development and skills. Founder of Quality Personnel over ten years ago, his company has supplied personnel to the core industries around the Humber and beyond. From Local Authorities to Smith & Nephews and Siemens; Quality team has worked closely to match the skills to the needs. With Morris Jones, the business is expanding into Financial Services and high level placement. And now, with QSG, the Group is moving into the International skills market.

Q1. What’s your role in the skills business? I’ve been involved in the Recruitment business for over 20 years. It is a complex business – more legislation and, a huge challenge in these tough times. We set up Quality Personnel because we thought that there was a gap to fill in the local market. Now, we think that there are opportunities nationally and internationally. This is why we have set up Morris Jones to serve the Director and Management level (we are working on a Non-Executive Director Programme) and now, we are building up QSG – for overseas projects and markets at all levels of management and skill.

Q2. What does QSG do? This is a key. Our idea at the very start was to meet a local need. We want to do this overseas. That means being part of localisation. This means looking to build careers not just fill jobs. And that means working with people like Archomai to look at how training programmes can be built in local markets. It is all about the old Chinese adage – give someone a fish and you feed them for a day; teach them how to fish and you feed them for a lifetime. We want to help build sustainable growth in local markets.

Q3. What overseas markets are you interested in? QSG is working to be a key player in the Capacity Building effort in emerging and developing markets. We are very keen on what is happening in India – there is a significant growth in dollar based salaries; which means that more companies see the need to bring in specialists to help improve the skills set. We have had a very detailed look around over there and have terrific contacts. We are interested in Kurdistan. Again, we are building a network and hosted a fact finding mission on accreditation and skills in January. Then, there is Africa. We are working on a number of trade corridor projects right now – by the way, the Humber itself is a trade corridor. QSG is a new company but we are making every effort to make sure that we know where the opportunities are and can then, meet the need. Watch this space.

Q4. Why do you work with Archomai? Archomai know skills and, they have a unique International network. Just listen to them talk about India; the Middle East; South America … The BIG idea they have is to develop Skills Capacity Building Programmes and we want to be part of that process. They use simulators where others use a desk.

Q5. You are very keen on community. What do you mean? I played a lot of Rugby and learned how to be part of a team – Hullensians. These days, Quality sponsor them – it is not Chelsea or Manchester Utd but that’s the point. We want to help build a local community. We’ve travelled in China, India and Africa with Archomai and that’s why we support Transformational Logistics – an Open Source idea with a huge future – and, the Naesey Project in Tamil Nadu, India. This one trains the rural unemployed and we are working to send local students over there for the experience.


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